Growing the Health Economy Together

The HIE programme

The Health Innovation Exchange, was a collaborative programme designed to connect Liverpool City Region businesses with world-class health, care, technology and commercial resources. Part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, the programme brought together regional expertise to support ambitious businesses to develop and market innovative products and services, nationally and globally. 


This  website showcases the success of the project and the positive impact it has had on the health and care sector across the city region.



Why was the Health Innovation Exchange set up?

Health is one of the biggest and fastest-growing growing sectors in the world. But while the potential exists across the Liverpool City Region to tap into these opportunities, so far certain obstacles have been holding our businesses back.

The Health Innovation Exchange was set up to remove these obstacles and stimulate the collaboration necessary to enhance the Liverpool City Region’s capacity to innovate.


Who was is it for?



We offered support and development to innovative Liverpool City Region businesses who were capable of moving into, or growing within, the health and care sectors with new or existing services, products or processes.

Some of the business we worked with were software developers, with the ability to offer new ways of thinking about patient interfaces. Others were technology firms or engineering firms with the resources to break into rehabilitative robotics. Others offered new ways to care for patients and increase well-being.

Ultimately, we supported SME & sector growth by breaking down boundaries, opening both minds and markets.

NHS and Care Colleagues


We also supported the NHS Trusts and healthcare professionals to find solutions to rising problems through collaboration with businesses that are creating innovative products and services.

Our aim was to support front-line healthcare staff with innovative health and care products and services that can save them time, make their jobs easier and improve patient care. Whilst also supporting finance and management colleagues to reduce costs, save time and improve quality.




Success stories

  • Primary Partner – Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust Background Founded in 2015, Chanua supports and develops initiatives that empower people to improve their health, mental health and wellbeing. One of the company’s projects Neuro Champions aims to teach young people about their brains and mental......

  • Primary Partner: Innovation Agency Background Inovus Medical is a design and manufacture of medical surgical stimulators. Founded in 2012 the business has developed low-cost surgical simulators at a fraction of the cost of other models. Approaching the programme The provision of affordable and accessible medical......

  • Primary Partner – Liverpool John Moores University Background The Art Clinic Liverpool is an arts and health organisation that delivers innovative projects to support people to improve and maintain emotional health and well-being. Founded in 2007 this social enterprise delivers themed workshops to produce resources......

  • Primary Partner – Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust Background Hexa-halers have created a novel range of patented inhalers that will address the serious issue of poor compliance and adherence within asthmatic groups. The original L inhaler was developed over 50 years ago and even......