30th January 201910:00 AM
CERN Knowledge Exchange Workshop

Accelerate your business idea with CERN

Venue: STFC Daresbury Laboratory

Explore first-hand how CERN technologies and know-how ­can help you create new business opportunities, overcome barriers to technical development and accelerate business growth.


CERN is a world-leading centre of physics and engineering excellence that develops and operates some of the world’s largest and most complex scientific instruments. CERN has contributed to industrial and societal applications in many sectors including the World Wide Web, invented at CERN nearly 30 years ago. The range of revolutionary technology enables innovation in areas as diverse as:


  • Medical applications for preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic purposes
  • Industry 4.0, including digital manufacturing, robotics, industrial IoT and control systems integration
  • Computing applications to support big data collection, management and analytics


The CERN Knowledge Exchange workshop will provide a unique and interactive platform to discuss your ideas directly with CERN experts, as well as to learn more about opportunities for collaboration with the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) and CERN, through the STFC CERN Business Incubation Centre (BIC), based in the UK. The STFC CERN BIC is dedicated to accelerating innovative business concepts through the commercialisation of CERN technologies.


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