23rd May 201910:45 AM
HealthTec Cluster Launch

Venue: Sci-Tech Daresbury
The HealthTec cluster is a partnership between the Innovation agency (the North West Coast Academic Health Science Network) and the science and technology facilities council (part of UK Research and Innovation) supported by a fantastic array of innovation enabling organisations.
Clusters are created to connect capabilities, increase communication and collaboration – this is at the core of the rationale for launching this cluster.
With world leading capabilities, skills and innovators in the surrounding ecosystem, the opportunity for a cluster is to support these interfaces and catalyse further the incredible work that these entities undertake.
This will be the second HealthTec Cluster to have launched with its sister located in Oxfordshire at the Harwell Campus; these two clusters will work closely to create a focussed conduit for Health Technology collaboration.
At the event (11am-3pm) there will also be a panel session and networking opportunities for attendees, with companies showcasing cutting-edge research and developments in health technologies.
Attendees will include business leaders, local government, universities, and health sector organisations connected via the common theme of health technology.
Understanding the synergy between these organisations in tandem with the Industrial Strategy and Second Life Science Sector Deal will support system change and growth of innovation in this ecosystem.
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