15th October 201802:00 PM
How can 5G transform Health and Social Care Services?

Sensor City, Liverpool


Join techUK at Sensor City in Liverpool, to explore how 5G can transform future healthcare applications and services and the connectivity required to facilitate these services.


The health and social care sectors are exploring new devices and technologies that can be used to improve the care of patients. Digital connectivity is an essential part of this work and many people are unaware of its potential to transform this sector.


The Government emphasises in its Digital Strategy the importance of building a world-class digital infrastructure for the UK. It has a clear ambition for the UK to be a global leader in the next generation of mobile technology (5G). 5G technology is being promoted, because it has the potential to vastly improve the development and delivery of certain sectors, including health and social care systems across the UK.
5G provides more reliable support for the digital applications and devices used by patients and professionals in health and social care settings, than previous mobile communications. It’s ability to transfer larger amounts of data, faster and more reliably, makes it ideal for supporting applications that monitor or support patients remotely – to take medication at home for example. Other applications include delivering real-time data in diagnostic environments, or supporting virtual reality or artificial reality used in staff training.


Speakers Include:
• Professor Joe Spencer, University of Liverpool and Liverpool 5G Health and Social Care Testbed Lead: An introduction to Liverpool 5G Health and Social Care Testbed
• James Champion, Business Development Manager, Qualcomm Life
• Ray McConnel, CTO Blu Wireless: Blu Wireless Technology – making waves by delivering a new class of wireless connectivity for all
• Rosemary Kay, Director, E-Health Cluster Limited: embedding new technologies into health and social care practice – the importance of acceptance in the adoption of leading edge devices and applications


Members of Liverpool’s 5G Health and Social Care Testbed (funded by the government as part of its 5G strategy) will be at the event on 15th October, to talk about and demonstrate applications and devices they’ve designed to support people in health and social care settings (at homes and in hospitals). There will aslo be an opportunity for networking at the end of the event.


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