Glow New Media has received Health Innovation Exchange support

Glow New Media

Glow New Media is a digital agency known mainly for mobile and web software development in the healthcare and transport sectors. The studio was set up in 2007 and it has since worked with clients including the NHS, National Rail and the Metropolitan Police Authority.

Prior to receiving support through the Health Innovation Exchange, Glow was having difficulty engaging with the NHS. The agency was attempting to deliver a mobile app aimed at improving safety for healthcare workers and needed to run a pilot within the NHS to test its viability.


The Health Innovation Exchange helped Glow in two ways. Firstly, it provided Glow with introductions to multiple teams within the NHS, covering clinical, information governance, marketing, IT and care functions, all of which were necessary to accomplish a successful pilot.

Secondly, the Health Innovation Exchange provided a contribution towards the cost of running the three-month pilot for testing the app within the NHS environment. This would enable Glow to deploy its existing technology and assess its usefulness in improving worker safety and large scale operational efficiency.


Glow’s field trial is ongoing, so it’s yet to see the full impact of the support it has received and if it will pursue a commercial roll-out of the app. The firm has called its work with the Health Innovation Exchange “a very positive experience,” though, and says that, without support from the HIE, setting up the pilot would have taken a lot longer, or potentially not happened at all.