Liverpool based, SigncodeUK, works with organisations to translate information into British Sign Language (BSL) videos for the deaf and hard of hearing communities. The videos are accessed via QR codes and are aimed at allowing users from the D/deaf community to access the information independently.

The product has already been brought market and activity for marketing and sales commenced.

However, although the idea has been well received, the fact that the product was new a lack of data on the numbers of BSL users in the UK has made generating support difficult.


It was clear that SigncodeUK needed assistance to build relationships within the NHS network and to understand the protocols within the complicated landscape.

Getting involved with the Health Innovation Exchange would provide the expertise and business support needed to speak to industry professionals to assist Signcode UK to overcome the barriers that the D/deaf when accessing healthcare.


SigncodeUK worked with the Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust, through the programme.  The Trust wanted to be involved in promoting better access for the D/deaf community and saw the benefit of the services offered to a group that traditionally struggles to overcome access to healthcare.

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust provided invaluable support and encouragement for the business by actively introducing SignCodeUK to the NHS network, including NHS England, which ultimately helped the company to develop the product further and become familiar with the NHS protocols.


Through the collaboration, SigncodeUK have been successful in providing its product and services to NHS England through the 111 service, which has resulted in saving a life in a recent emergency situation.

Another success came in October 2017, when they were selected to be involved with Mersey Care’s national Zero Suicide Alliance campaign, launched at the House of Commons. Having realised it could use SigncodeUK’s services to reach the deaf community and, in particular, those with mental health and wellbeing issues. The suicide prevention training was developed with SigncodesUK QR codes integrated to allow full access for Deaf people in British Sign Language.